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I could not be happier with my wooden Thin Blue Line flag! Customer service was simply incredible. I had a special request and it was handled perfectly. The shipping was fast and the packaging was perfect with big bubble wrap and corner protection so it arrived in perfect condition. Communication was excellent and there was a handwritten thank you card from the owner. You just don't get service like that anymore!


I recently discovered that my 5th Great Grandfather, Joseph Reed, suggested the design for Appeal to Heaved flag while he was Aide de Camp for George Washington. In a letter he suggests to the head of Washington's Cruiser fleet that this flag would be fitting to fly over those 7 ships. I was so pleased to find your company and this wonderful recreation of both American and my family history. The service I have received from Art has been outstanding. His responses to my inquires were prompt and excellent. He even delayed the shipping so it would arrive after I returned from a trip. The flag is beautiful and I am now proudly displaying it as the finishing touch to my outdoor patio. I couldn't be more pleased!

Absolutely beautiful!

Such a nice piece of navel/American history! We love how this adds some color to our outdoor kitchen and is a nice conversation starter. This vendor was great to work with and does beautiful work!

Lovely work

Art does a really nice, quality job. Additionally, in an age where technology is king, he provides exceptional, friendly customer service. Thank you Art!

The photos are representative of the quality of the finished product, but the actual product is a sight to behold! It was expertly packed, and easy to unpack, and the fresh wood/paint smell tells you that the flag was made to order. It is hanging in a prominent place in my den and it makes the decor of the room. I highly recommend this product. Also, the owner was in regular communication with me regarding the completion and shipment of the product, and he sought feedback regarding my satisfaction. I give it a FIVE STAR rating!

Honoured and Humbled

I have been a serving member of the Royal Australian Navy since 1991. From 2009-2012 I was fortunate enough to serve on exchange with the United States Navy in USS PINCKNEY-DDG91. This was one of the highlights of my career and I wanted to commemorate that time of my life with some significance so I asked Art at Patriot Wood to produce two flags for me, the US Navy Jack and the Australian White Ensign representing my naval service for two nations. I also asked Art to produce a third flag, a combination of the Australian and Canadian National Flags, representing myself and my beautiful Canadian partner, Laura. All three are more than I could've hoped for, the craftsmanship is superb and I couldn't be happier. All will hang with pride of place in our home for many years to come. I cannot recommend these flags highly enough. Thank you Art you truly are an artist and I feel very privileged to be able to display these flags in our home.

Love my new American Flag

I received by new American Wood Flag yesterday. I love it! The new wood flag is hanging in my front patio and looks fantastic! The craftsmanship is superior. The wood flag arrived in just a few days post ordering. I will recommend your products to all my family and friends.


This flag has been a great addition to our home. You really can see the care and time put into every detail. We had been looking for something like this for a while, but nothing was as clean or professional looking, especially for the price! Very very satisfied!

Awesome Texas Flag

Being from Texas, of course I am always looking for a way to show off my heritage. I expected it to be a decent quality and something I would hang in my garage, but to my surprise the quality was incredible! Patriotwood really uses the grain of the wood to give the flags that extra bang! The flag is incredibly sturdy and you can tell it is well made. I really love how it has raised elements as it adds another layer to the already amazing product.

Custom Flag

Patriot Wood made me a custom flag that was half Québec flag and half France. I was skeptical at first if the artist could pull it off. Well, to my surprise the final design surpassed all my expectations and I loved the original work he made. I can vouch not just for the quality of the art (no pun intended) but also for the materials and the passion and energy that is put into each flag.


Almost yearly, we would have to replace our cloth American flag. So, we purchased Patriot Wood's large flag and attached it above our garage doors. After two years, this flag still looks like new. We are happy we made the purchase.


Love my flag. I don't have to ever untangle it again. Makes my home beautiful.

Better than expected

This flag is incredible. It arrived well packed. This is a really beautiful, charming American flag. I am proud to display it. The quality is very good too, and it looks like it will last for a very long time. Well pleased with this purchase!


We love the quality of our Betsy Ross flag! The attention to detail and craftsmanship are amazing. It is proudly displayed on our mantel year round.