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Saint Andrew’s Cross: the Flag of Scotland

A wooden version of Scotland’s flag is now available from Patriot Wood. Available in three sizes, this unmistakable piece of wall art starts at $89 and ships for free when you order from

Patriot Wood’s Scotland Wood Flag is a replica of Scotland’s national flag, which features a white cross on a blue field. Let’s take a look at its story.

Scotland Wood Flag (Saint Andrew's Cross) from Patriot Wood


The primary component of Scotland’s flag is the white cross—which references Scotland’s patron saint, Saint Andrew, who was eventually martyred on an X-shaped cross known as the crux decussata, or saltire. Scotland has honored their patron saint with this symbol since at least the late fourteenth century, when Scottish soldiers wore it to identify themselves. It soon became a flag as well. This explains why Scotland’s flag is also known as “Saint Andrew’s Cross” and “The Saltire”.

While most would say that’s our best guess at the design’s origin, there’s a legend that says otherwise. This legend tells the tale of Óengus II, who led an army of Scots and Picts to battle. On the eve of the battle, it’s said that Óengus promised to make Saint Andrew the Patron Saint of Scotland if granted success in battle. In a dream later that night, Andrew himself appeared to Óengus and assured him of victory.

The next day, clouds formed into a white “X” above the battle, and Óengus’ forces found themselves victorious in the face of heavy odds. True to his word, Óengus made Saint Andrew the Patron Saint of Scotland shortly after.

Whether you choose to believe the legend or not, there’s no doubt that Scotland has been rallying under Saint Andrew’s Cross for centuries. Now, as the nation is faced with the possibility of regaining independence, the people of Scotland may once again look to their flag for unity.


Show your appreciation for the great country of Scotland with this flag—get yours today!

Scotland Wood Flag detail | Patriot Wood

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