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Baltimore Ravens Shield Logo - One of the Best Logos in Sports

Baltimore Raven Shield Logo


The Baltimore Ravens' shield logo, originally introduced in 1996 and later redesigned in 1998, featuring elements inspired by the Maryland flag, stands as a powerful representation of the team's connection to its home state. This distinctive emblem, set against a shield background that incorporates the iconic colors and patterns of the Maryland state flag.

The shield logo is a harmonious blend of symbolism and aesthetics. The purple, and gold (along with the yellow, red, white, and black hues from the Maryland flag seamlessly integrate into the design), creating a visually striking and cohesive emblem. The shield logo has been the Baltimore's alternate logo for over 25 years.


Baltimore Ravens Shield Wooden Logo


This shield logo is not merely a graphic representation; it serves as a cultural identifier for the team and its fanbase. By incorporating elements from the Maryland flag, the Ravens establish a visual link to the state's heritage, fostering a sense of local pride and community. The symbolism embedded in the shield logo reinforces the team's commitment to representing Maryland on a national stage.

In the realm of sports branding, the Baltimore Ravens' shield logo stands out for its unique fusion of local identity and athletic prowess. It encapsulates the spirit of the team, embodying a deep connection to Maryland's history and traditions, and serves as a visual rallying point for fans who proudly associate themselves with the Ravens and their distinctive representation of the popular Maryland state flag.


A few facts regarding the Maryland State Flag:


Calvert Family Arms: The upper-left and lower-right quadrants of the flag display the black and gold design of the Calvert family arms, which is associated with the family of George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore and founder of Maryland.

Crossland Family Arms: The upper-right and lower-left quadrants of the flag contain a red and white cross design, which is the Crossland family arms. This design was derived from the maternal side of the Calvert family.

Historical Significance: The flag's design dates back to the colonial era and is associated with the founding of Maryland. George Calvert, who sought a charter for the Maryland colony, was the father of Cecil Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore. The flag incorporates elements from both sides of the Calvert family.

Origin: The Maryland flag's current design was officially adopted in 1904, although variations of the design had been used before that. The flag underwent a few changes before the final design was established.




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