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5 Arizona Flag Facts That Will Surprise You


Patriot Wood’s latest wood flag is a replica of the Arizona flag. State flags often have interesting designs, and we love this one. See details of this wood flag’s design for yourself at

It’s always fun to get to know a little of a flag’s story, and when we did some research, we learned some pretty interesting things about it. State flags often have interesting histories, but these five facts about Arizona’s flag might surprise you!

Arizona wood flag from Patriot Wood



1.) The Arizona flag was passed into law without the Governor’s signature

When the bill to make the Arizona flag official was brought forward, the governor did not sign it—and he gave no official reason why. In the end, it didn’t make a difference: the 3rd legislature of Arizona passed the bill and made the flag official in 1917.

2.) The Arizona flag’s “liberty blue” is the same blue that appears in the United States’ national flag

In a nod to the national flag of the United States, Arizona chose to use the same color blue in the lower half of their flag.

3.) The Arizona flag was originally created by the Arizona rifle team

The flag was originally created to serve a very niche group of people: the Arizona rifle team. When this rifle team began to compete, they created the initial design of the Arizona to fly in place of an official state flag. The design caught on, and their design was eventually adopted as the official flag of Arizona.

4.) The Arizona flag is ranked as one of the top 10 best-designed flags in North America

The North American Vexillological Association—an association devoted to the scientific and scholarly study of flags—ranked the Arizona flag as the sixth-best designed flag in North America in a 2001 poll.

5.) The copper color of the star was created in an interesting way

The star’s unique copper color was the result of a designer’s unscientific experiment. As the story goes, one of the designers dropped some copper dye and white material into boiling water, creating the star’s copper color.

Arizona wood flag from Patriot Wood

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