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4 Perfect Places to Hang a Wood Flag


Wood flags are memory-invoking pieces of art, and they instantly add character to wherever they’re displayed.

They’re versatile pieces of wall decor, with a wide range of potential applications—the durable materials and strong construction mean that most of Patriot Wood’s flags can be displayed outdoors as well as indoors.

Let’s take a look at four different places people have displayed their wood flags. You might find inspiration for where to hang your own!


A fireplace commands attention, and it’s often the focal point of the room. Fireplaces are also usually found in communal areas—these two reasons make above a fireplace a great place to hang your wood flag.

You spend at least 40 hours every week at your desk—why not make it personal? A 2010 UK study found that workers with personalized workspaces were happier and more motivated than those in standardized environments.

Many garages face the street, which means your flag will be displayed for all passers-by to see. It’ll also be the first thing you see every time you come home and park your car, reminding you of something important to you.

Wood flag above garage


Wood flags are great conversation starters when you have company. They add a personal touch to any room, and your guests will enjoy hearing the stories behind it (or, at the very least, its craftsmanship).

There are many more great places to hang a wooden flag. Try hanging it outdoors on a barn or shed exterior, on your bedroom wall, or above your kitchen table. We’ve seen flags hung in local businesses, in work rooms, and more. Where do you hang your wood flag? Tell us in the comments section below!


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