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Now Available: US Marine Corps Flag

The flag of the United States Marine Corps boasts a bold scarlet background with an iconic emblem and insignia of the USMC the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. It’s not easy to miss the white streaming banner underneath, bearing the words “UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS” in scarlet lettering.

Marine Corps Flag by Patriot Wood

The flag’s centerpiece is its remarkable emblem, the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

Our reclaimed wood version of the flag of the United States Marine Corps incorporates raised elements, giving it a distinctive 3D look and feel. We use these raised pieces to enhance the overall quality of the flag you receive. Every flag is built so that it is strong and durable—able to last a lifetime.

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In 1954, President Eisenhower approved the design for the official seal of the United States Marine Corps. The seal depicted an emblem similar to the original 1868 Marine Corps emblem, only the crested eagle was replaced with an American Bald Eagle. A year later, the emblem contained in the seal became the official Marine Corps emblem.

Between 1776 and 1955, the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, as well as the flag has been changed many times.


During the battles of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Marines carried a flag with alternating red and white stripes. As decoration, an eagle perching on a United States shield was laid partially over the canton. A half-wreath was directly positioned below the shield, and 29 stars encircled the entire design.

“In the 1830s and 1840s, Marines carried a white flag with gold fringe. It contained a depiction of an anchor and an eagle and the words "To the Shores of Tripoli." After the Mexican-American War, "To the Shores of Tripoli" was expanded to "From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli."”

By 1876, Marines were carrying a version of the American flag, which included the words "U.S. Marine Corps" embroidered in yellow thread through a red stripe in the middle of the field.

The marines began carrying a blue flag in 1914. This flag featured the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. It was partially encircled in the middle by a scarlet ribbon. Above, it read "U.S. Marine Corps," and a second scarlet ribbon beneath the emblem included the Marine Corps motto, "Semper Fidelis" (Latin for "Always Faithful").

Marine Corps Flag by Patriot Wood

Executive orders were issued in 1921 to stop manufacturing American flags with the words "United States Marine Corps" with yellow fringe. This version of the flag was retired immediately.

By 1914, the official flag of the United States Marine Corps was designated with scarlet and gold colors. This was the last iteration until 1939, which adjusted the flag to the same design as our current U.S. Marine flag—including a scarlet field and gold fringe.

Officially adopted in 1955, the present Eagle, Globe, and Anchor differs from the flagship emblem of 1868 only by a slight change in the eagle. The 1868 version of the emblem was the first officially approved emblem. Pre 1868, there were many iterations ranging from a shield, half-wreath, bugle, foul, black cockades, scarlet plumes, and yellow bands and tassels.

Marine Corps Flag


Patriot Wood is about building the best wood flags and wooden wall art we can produce through our passion and unique craftsmanship. Our flag of the USMC is carefully handcrafted so that the final product not only makes us proud but will make you proud as well.

We love our flag, and we hope you do too. Order yours today!

Marine Corps Flag


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